The Last Dragonverse Project

Let’s imagine a much bigger and wildly epic story which begins long before the original film we know and love that sweeps us through time, taking us on insane new adventures, landing our characters in death-defying conflicts with crazy new opponents and adversaries, all on a massively larger and expanded canonical timeline in which the events of ‘The Last Dragon’ are simply one single, as yet unimaginably, consequential moment in time. 
Let’s imagine that once Leroy had attained the Glow, he were to discover that this was merely the beginning of a far grander destiny and quest that would in time challenge him to rise to epically higher new heights to ensure the survival of Laura, their children, friends, New York City itself, and yes — even the very fate of the world might hang in the balance. 
Jay Jefferson is back as the Shogun of Harlem along with a new crew of charismatic urban wuxia warriors who take us on a journey through the mythology of the Red Glow.  This is just a taste of what, at least for now, we’re calling ‘The Last DragonVerse Project’ because it’s all built from the DNA of ‘The Last Dragon’ while at the same time becoming new — a story for TODAY.
This new ‘canon’ will begin in a Multiple Volume series of Graphic Novels, that is prequel, sequel, origin stories and reimagined remix of everything you loved about the original all rolled into one.  By laying a new foundation, ’A Thunder of Dragons’ will set the stage for what we envision as the expansion of the Franchise.  Live action and animated TV Series, live action and animated films, PlayStation/X-Box Multi-Player video games, VR experiences, more graphic novels and comics, spinoffs, a series of Children’s Books — a Broadway Musical, and more.  The ultimate vision is to build a multi-generational epic with multiple new character offshoots.

Why a 'Thunder, You Ask?

A Collective Noun is used to a describe a group of specific things: A ‘Pride’ of Lions.
A ‘Parliament’ of Owls
A ‘Quiver’ of Cobras
A ‘Murder’ of Crows…

A 'Thunder' of Dragons

Volume One:

‘Enter the Dragonverse’

New York City, 1972-1978

Graffiti splashed subway cars, turntables scratching out the early rhythms of hip hop, Nicky Barnes ruling the streets, the kung fu craze hitting America where an entire generation had lost its collective mind in the thrall of Bruce Lee bursting into the consciousness of pop culture.
Long before he’d become known as the Shogun of Harlem, Jay Jefferson, along with a group of other young, charismatically scrappy street-smart New Yorkers navigate life, love, and teenage dreams on the mean streets of Harlem, Chinatown, Hell’s Kitchen, dojo wars, the wild ‘Jungle Kung Fu Tournaments’ at Madison Square Garden.
As each of them face life or death choices in this epic new urban wuxia fantasy, their paths will cross, an unexpected twist of fate intervenes that will change their destinies forever.  They have been chosen for something far greater than themselves —and by the end of Volume One, it will have become clear that Leroy Green was definitely not the only Dragon in town.


The Last Dragonverse Project