How many Star Wars have there been? 

How many Rocky’s, Karate Kids, Planets of the freaking Apes? 

FFS, Children of the CORN has been rebooted like THIRTEEN times. 

And yet, no Last Dragon? 

How exactly do you have Sam Jackson and Rihanna signed on for a sequel and not be able to make it happen?

As the original creators of ‘The Last Dragon’ we think the answer is obvious. 

They didn’t have a STORY. 

They didn’t have a CLUE what actually made Last Dragon ‘click’. 

And more to the point, they never once asked us how we might go about doing it.

Is it crazy to think that if you want that Last Dragon magic, you go to the guys who made that magic in the first place.

Now that we’ve taken back the US rights from Sony, we’ve come up with a way to not only continue the story, but to explode it into a full-blown universe of its own.

Because we love the Last Dragon and view as a cultural touchstone that deserves more than being trivialized as no more than a silly black kung fu movie by corporations that are blind to its importance and impact on those who have demanded more, we’ve taken up this mission because nobody else would or could. 

After working tirelessly on this for the past three years without taking a penny from anyone, we’ve taken things as far as we can alone and we now turn directly to you, the fans, to support our taking the necessary next steps in bring our grand vision of a Last Dragonverse to life.

More than anything, we need to know that you WANT this and so we ask for your contribution of as little as $1 to as much as you feel demonstrates your excitement. 

In return for your support, we’ll shoot you a digital download of Venosta’s original first draft screenplay.

We’ve done our part, what happens next is in your hands.

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