Your 'OFFICIAL' Dragonverse Marketplace

Well, one day maybe, ’cause all this?

We love that creative folks have been inspired by the movie we created, we get that while Sony held the copyright, this was all fair game.  Now that the copyright has come back to us, let’s ask — is it still fair?

Our objective is simply to make the point that despite the years of hard work put in to bring the fans something new and special without being paid a single dime, at least for the moment, WE are not here to sell you anything other than a DREAM…

That said, we also want to use this space to invite all those creative fans who’ve been selling Last Dragon Merchandise over the years to move your products here.  None of the original creators have shared in the financial success of the Last Dragon over the years and when we decided to launch this crazy new idea, all the lawyers jumped up and said, ‘You’ve got to send CEASE AND DESIST LETTERS to all those people violating your copyright!’

As the copyright holder, I said, ‘No.  All those people selling merch are some of our biggest fans, they’ve kept The Last Dragon alive with their love and creativity.’  ‘But, but, but…’ they said.  My response way, ‘Why not just invite them all to come join US and sell their stuff in one OFFICIAL Marketplace?  We take a small fee — and then, those who choose to do the fair and right thing will get some kind of ‘official’ license to make and sell the exclusive NEW merch that will spring from the NEW story.’  The lawyers all scratched their heads.  ‘Yeah, I guess that would probably be better…’

So here we are — with nothing at all we want to sell right now other than a dream of something much bigger.

We really really hope you’ll agree that sharing is caring, yo.

Join Us for All We’ve Got Coming Your Way!