Michael Schultz — Director of The Last Dragon

Back in 1985, I was talking to Suzanne DePasse. You know, the Lady who discovered the Jackson Five and brought them to Berry Gordy. Well, we were discussing a project and I spied a script laying on her desk. It was titled “The Last Dragon” by Louis Venosta. I asked her,  “what is that?” She said, “It’s about a young black kid who thinks he is Bruce Lee and it’s the next movie we are going to make with this new company called Tri-Star.” I was intrigued. I asked and got permission to take it home to read. That night, after I finished reading, I wrote an impassioned letter to her laying out the case for why I was the perfect person to direct the movie. I knew that it was going to be a hit because there had never been a young black heroic character on the screen for all the kids that I grew up with.

I also knew that if we put two beautiful young characters together, being menaced by the super villain, Sho’Nuff, that Louis Venosta wrote so brilliantly that these characters would just jump off the screen and into people’s hearts. Well, the rest is history.

Last year, in mid-October, I met with with Louis in New York City. We had spoken on the phone off and on but, we hadn’t seen each other in more than 35 years. We sat in the quiet executive lounge of the hotel and Louis brought me up to date on all the things that had happened with The Last Dragon over the years. He then showed me the first draft of a huge graphic novel that he was perfecting and then pulled out his small laptop and showed me reams of brilliant graphic art he had developed with the aid of a simple AI program so that he could get a better idea of the characters he was creating for the story.

Well I was blown away once again, 38 years later, with his new take on the beloved story of Sho’nuff and Bruce Leroy; only now we were going to know them by their childhood names, Jay Jefferson and Jr. And we are going to meet new kids that would come to be The Thunder of Dragons.

So, Louis and I decided to join forces and work together to bring this new adventure to you, its loyal fan base. And we are committed to bring it to you uncorrupted by Hollywood’s way of doing wrong to the creators.

We hope you will also join us in this adventure and help make a new franchise possible.